JM Steel services

Procurement Except SteeL

Our purchasing manager with 20 years of purchasing experience and 5 purchasing assistants can provide customers with the purchase of products other than steel without charging any related fees.


We can do steel testing for customers free of charge, mainly for chemical composition analysis and material identification. Customers only need to provide detailed testing content and quantity, and we can make relevant testing arrangements in our own laboratory.

Cutting Service

We have our own laser cutting machine, which can meet the different terminal needs of customers for steel, for example, it can be made into steel plates of various shapes.

Color Cutomozied

JM Steel has its own stainless steel surface treatment machine, which can be customized for various drawing, mirror and titanium surfaces to meet different customers' requirements for the decoration and beauty of the steel surface.

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Our Final Customer Project

JM Machine

tube bender, work, machine

JM Steel  factory do slitting re-rolling and finish treatment machine,
Water cutting(2.0-200mm 2 Sets)
Laser cutting(1.0-200mm 3 Sets)
Plasma cutting(6-120mm 9 Sets)
Thin plate grinding(0.3-4.0mm 1 Set.)
10 lines Cut-to-length Line
6 lines Polishing line
3 Super mirror Line
6 lines cold rolling
6 lines of hot rolling machine
Surface style:oil grinding NO.4,HL,dry grinding HL,Mirror,Differnt Color.

JM Factory

Make your life easier with the stainless steel series products.